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I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

- Bruce Lee


Rev Fight Club begin as a training ground in HDB gardens. Back then, the founders have only one clear goal. That is to impact the physical and philosophical values Martial Art can add to a person. And that dream enables them to take the plunge opening up the present gym. That was nearly a decade ago.

Now, with a fully funished gym with more than 100 going students monthly, active competitive fighters, records of title winning fights and successful life changing stories, Rev Fight Club stood more ready than ever to pass on the initial goal that have kept us focus all these years.

From 2 coaches to a stable of 8 coaches with a veteran Thailand fighter, Pingpong Supachai among them, you can be assured that every time you step foot in the gym, there will be new learning point at every punches, kicks you throw. REV has the values of the past, and operates with the current needs of the present with a mind in place for people future sporting need, be it fitness, competitive training or just a place to hang out and feel at home. You can find it here with us, at Rev Fight Club..

Our Authenticity (DNA)

We’re a independent gym who take pride in providing our community with the very best combination of fitness and martial arts classes, lead by our world-class champion - Kru Pingpong Supachai, clean facility and fun family orientated environment.


The process of observing the current state and examining existing perceptions Martial Arts. By practicing the techniques, strengths and weaknesses, It’s an in depth narrative in self expression and self knowledge.