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Learning is a gift, even when pain is your teacher


How do i sign up?

You can drop us a message via our Facebook Messenger or email us at

Do I need to make a booking before attending for training?

Yes! Please download the Glofox app through our website to register an account with us.

Can i cancel my booking?

Kindly cancel your booking 1 day in advance to make availability for others!

What do i need to bring for training?

We provide sanitised gloves for your first lesson. Do bring along a towel as there are shower facilities onsite.

What happens if I book but failed to turn up?

We will deduct one session from the package should you fail to turn up for lesson after booking.

Do you offer Insurance?

Yes! Please reach out to our friendly coaches for more information.

What size is recommended for my boxing gloves? Where can I get them from?

Our friendly coaches will recommend the best fit during your first lesson. We would advise that you purchase a pair of personal gloves after the first lesson due to the current situation.

To speak to a Membership Executive, please call:

+65 9777 2669