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Open every day except Christmas, New Years Day and the first day of Chinese New Year Martial Arts classes designed for you and your whole family & friends.

Over 30 classes a week
Daily Muay Thai, Fitness and Sparring classes
Weekday afternoon and evening classes available
Weekend classes available on Saturday only


We educate our student to stand the test of time through martial arts and come into their own by revolving them organically while staying true to their essence.


• Comprehensive training program in air conditioned space with proper sanitisation to surpass your limits every time you step in the gym
• Strength and conditioning area for physical training
• Quality equipments handpicked in Thailand
• HIIT training incorporated with Muay Thai training
• Clean restrooms
• Quality zebra mats from USA for safety purposes
• Surround speaker system to get you in the mood to box
• Gloves and guards are provided upon request